Beauty & the Beast

2.16 “About Last Night”

Analysis & Theories

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Before I get started, I would like to let everyone know that [**] next to scene title means there is a theory I have developed either about the scene or based off of the scene.


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I can’t believe I just read all of that..   It had to be interesting because to hold me down that long..     Thanks, that was fun.  I also agree with you about the next few Eps..  I also believe somehow they will figure out a way to discredit Gabe and Heather hears of some of this and comes down to watch Catherine’s apt while she’s on the run with Vincent.  This time Heather will actually support Cat & Vin.   That will be a nice twist.  Hate Heather ends up in danger due to Gabe’s plotting against Vincent.   I think we’ll have an Awesome Season Finale.  I’m thinking a VinCat Wedding & Cat suspects she’s pregnant..   The Cliffhanger will be a call from doctor saying test is “Positive”   but baby seems extremely beastly   hahahaha ..  Love this show.

(these are only my comments following the original blog by WF001’s BATB 2.16 “About Last Night” Review)